Frozen products FQF for a simple and sustainable lifestyle
Fresh Quality Freeze
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Qué Ofrecemos

Products that are perfect to prepare at home avoiding food wastes, saving time and supporting the environment thanks to our inovative freezing system.

Frozen FQF

Texture and flavor of fresh when defrosted

Ready to prepare

No wastes and ready to give final touch

Unique quality

Combining the best of a frozen and a fresh product into one

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Simple and safe for Costa Rica

For exports

From Costa Rica to the world

Customer service

Always ready to help you

Our Fresh Quality Freeze

Our freezing process, allows the products to have the lifespan as long a frozen product, as well as the commodities these products give us; but when defrosted, they maintain the same texture and flavor as a fresh product.

Prepared Products

sticks guacamole congelados fqf empanizados costa rica

Guacamole Fries

400g eco-friendly bag

plátanos maduros prefritos congelados fqf costa rica productos

Ripe Plantains

400g eco-friendly bag

patacones prefritos costa rica congelados productos


400g eco-friendly bag

sticks patacones prefritos costa rica congelados productos

Tostones Sticks

400g eco-friendly bag

mix sangría congelado fqf productos costa rica

Sangria Mix

400g eco-friendly bag

Frozen in Costa Rica

We are a company with costarican origin, which looks to innovate constantly, so we can offer different and unique products, removing wastes, thus promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

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