Frozen products FQF for a simple and sustainable lifestyle
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What We Offer

Our objective is to promote fruit and natural food consumption anywhere in the world and at any time eliminating food waste through our FQF freezing system

Our Fresh Quality Freeze

Our freezing process, allows the products to have the lifespan as long a frozen product, as well as the commodities these products give us; but when defrosted, they maintain the same texture and flavor as a fresh product.

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We specialize in fruits, vegetables and pre-fried frozen products. Innovative products with an unique quality that will make you forget of eating raw and fresh products Complicated products to manipulate like avocado, banana or plantains, become easy to handle and be able to be consumed in the every day life.

Frozen products of Costa Rica

We are a company with costarican origin, which looks to innovate constantly, so we can offer different and unique products, removing wastes, thus promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

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