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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IQf is a process that consists of injecting cold air to a system until freezing the product inside the chamber. That cold aire impacts the product’s fiber until it starts to break. This produces the loss in flavors, odors and texture.

    Yes, to achieve FQF results, it’s not neccesary to add chemicals to the products. All of them are 100% natural.

    It is not neccesary any special freezer to store the products. Just treat them as if they are common frozen products. The important thing is to avoid defrosting and then freeze them again because it will become a regular freezing process and the FQF properties will be lost.

    By doing a freezing process in your house, the FQF properties will be lost and they’ll be under a regular freezing process so it is expected fiber breakage and lost in flavors.

    A traditional house freezer takes long time to freeze a product so during that process, it wil start a degradation process loosing some of the properties. Also, because of the long time a constant cold air, will break the fiber.