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A solution for food waste in the world
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A sustainable world
in every aspect
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No food wastes

One of the biggest problems in our world is that there is a bad managment of food because of its short lifespan.

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No resource wastes

When food is wasted, resources are wasted with which these foods are haravested, transported and packaged.

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Elimination of seasonality

FQF allows to eliminate food seasons by extending their shelf life and preserving fresh properties when defrosting

1/3 of food in the world are wasted

With 1/4 of the wasted food, 1 billion people can be fed

An area larger than China is used to make these wasted foods

25% of the fresh water in the world is used on wasted foods

1 in 9 people dont have what to eat, meaning 793 million people worldwide

Almost half of fruits and vegetables produced are wasted

More than half of the wastes are made in the households

If the wasted foods were a country, it would be the third contributor of greenhouse gasses

100% Renewable Energy

Saluzzo is located in Naranjo next to a river, for which  a Hydroelectric energy system was implemented to give energy to the process plant renewable energy.

Eliminating Food Waste

By freezing products with FQF in their optimal ripening point, we avoid food waste by increasing shelf life and maintaining fresh properties when defrosted.